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Program hours are 8:00am – 5:30pm 

Children may be dropped off as early as 6:30am and may be picked up as late as 6:30pm for no additional charge.

We do offer 2-5 day per week program options. There is no half-day option, however.


We welcome children who are actively working on potty training (wearing Pull-Ups) or children who are already potty trained from age 2 to age 5.  Stages Academy is a year-round school that not only immerses your child in the performing and fine arts, it prepares them for Kindergarten and beyond by giving them a lifelong love of learning.

Stages Academy is an activity-based preschool program.  Although our children have lots of fun, they are engaged and interacting with different teachers all day long.  Whether it’s ballet with our Dance teacher, planting a garden, observing nature with our Science teacher, or piano lessons with our Music teacher, your child is active and stimulated throughout the day.

A typical day for our preschoolers might look like this:

7:00              Dropped off by parents at school

7:00-8:00      Centers / Restroom / Free play before school

8:00-8:35      Language Arts (phonics and writing)

8:35-9:10      Dance

9:10-9:45      Morning Snack

9:45-10:20    Science and Math

10:20-10:55  Foreign Studies

10:55-11:30  Outdoor Play

11:30-12:05  Music

12:05-12:40  Lunch

12:40-2:25    Nap

2:25-3:00      Afternoon Snack

3:00-3:35      Drama

3:35-4:10      Library/Technology

4:10-4:45      Art

4:45-6:30      Outside Time/Free play/ Centers


**We have potty breaks every 35 minutes or so throughout the day.  Although all students at Stages Academy do not need to be potty trained, any that haven’t quite mastered the potty when they start school will master it much more quickly if they become used to going to the toilet on a consistent schedule as long as parents are consistent at home.  Also, even for children who are potty trained, the frequent bathroom trips help cut down on accidents and improves children’s confidence in feeling “potty trained”.

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Kindergarten of the Arts


Kindergarten of the Arts at Stages Academy’s Buckingham location prepares children developmentally and socially for success in 1st grade and beyond. Our focus in Kindergarten is fostering a lifelong love of learning. We believe that artistic development, as well as academic development, helps to challenge both sides of a child’s brain and allows them to develop to their full potential.


All of our full-day private Kindergarten students and half-day Kindergarten Enrichment students receive daily classes in art, dance, drama, and music as well as academic programs. We offer care from 6:30am to 6:30pm, Monday through Friday.


To learn more about our full-day Kindergarten program, click here.


To learn more about our half-day Kindergarten Enrichment program, click here.

Daily After School Care

At Stages Academy, we offer a full afterschool program for elementary-aged students including transportation to and from several local schools.  We offer homework help as well as daily dance and music classes.

Please check with our office for schedules and pricing.

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