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Full-Day Kindergarten Program


With our full arts and academic curriculums, Kindergarten of the Arts at Stages Academy is head and shoulders above all other private, full-day Kindergarten programs. We provide a nurturing environment that allows our students to explore and grow while challenging themselves to reach their full potential.


By providing a strong academic foundation in a small group setting, the Kindergarten of the Arts program gives our students an advantage above peers who are only attending half-day public school Kindergarten. Our small class size (no more than 12 students to a class) allows our licensed elementary school teachers to provide the individualized attention and enrichment that is often lacking in many public school kindergarten programs.


Studies show that children learn best when academic time is broken into smaller segments, allowing students to absorb more of the material presented to them. We have structured our Kindergarten curriculum to reflect this. While students receive a total of 3.5 hours of academic curriculum each day, it is paramount to us that our students stay engaged in the learning process. To accomplish this in the most fun and effective way possible, we have broken up the learning day into shorter time periods that are more easily accessible for young children. By interspersing the academic routine with daily dance, music, art, and drama classes, we educate the entire mind and body of our students with amazing results!


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