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Why Choose Us For the Beginning of Your Child’s Education?

Introducing a unique preschool program where first-class academics are combined with the fine and performing arts!   


Check It Out!

Where your child attends preschool is one of the most important decisions you will make for their development. We understand.

Choosing to send your child to school is a hugely important decision. And preschool has been found to be even more important than we had even originally realized.  For information about the advantages of providing your child to pre-kindergarten education, see the infographic to the right.

And choosing the right preschool is paramount.

That is why we have created the checklist below. The answers to these questions are important in making the best choice for your child. At Stages Academy, we work hard to provide a joyful, exciting, nurturing, warm and safe environment for your child. We are confident that you will find our program to be a cut above the rest.

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