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The Top 3 Signs That Your Child is Ready for Preschool

Is your child ready for Preschool? Many parents question whether their child is ready for an academic program (rather than a daycare/play type program) before they enroll them. Everyone thinks that their child is the smartest and most talented child in the world, but does that make them ready for preschool?

The answer to a child’s readiness doesn’t necessarily lie in the child’s age, but in their maturity level. There are some children who are ready for a more challenging experience when they are 2 and some when they are 4. Every child is different. Even children in the same family.

I know, I know… That doesn’t answer the question. Then how do you know when your child is mature enough? Now, again, not all children are the same, but if you’re seeing any of the three following signs, it’s definitely time to start looking at preschools.

  1. Inquisitive Investigators. Your child is very curious about the world around them. They ask lots of questions and want to know how everything works. They are restless and always want to do something new.

  2. Social Butterflies. Most children who spend time interacting with other children and love to do so, do very well in a preschool situation. The interaction with lots of other types of children, adults and experiences allows them to learn and grow by leaps and bounds.

  3. Shrinking Violets. Does your child spend a lot of time alone (even alone with a single grownup)? Are they shy around new people? Do they spend a lot of time watching TV or playing by themselves? Do you feel like your child needs more interaction with others and stimulation to ready them for Kindergarten? Then you should be looking at preschools. The social and academic interaction is crucial for their Kindergarten readiness and interacting with others can bring them out of their shells and allow them to bloom.

So, is your child ready for preschool?

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